Dr Kaisla Kolehmainen MCHIRO DC


My core value as a chiropractor is to encounter each patient as an individual and find solutions that work for their needs and lifestyle. I see patients from all age groups and backgrounds, including pregnant and paediatric patients.

I tailor treatment plans combining different treatment techniques based on patients’ needs, in order to efficiently achieve the desired results. I want to encounter my patients in a way that makes them feel warm and safe, and also to encourage and motivate them on their journey. I think it is already amazing that they have decided to take acts towards health, and I, as a professional, can support them to achieve their goals – whether big or small!

I grew up in Finland and studied my degree in AECC University College in Bournemouth. In my freetime I enjoy training at gym and running in the nature. I also love to relax in sauna after a long day.