Thomas Armstrong

BSC (HONS), Sports Therapist

My motivation in helping people through sport massage started when I began Irish Dancing as a young man. After having my first injury, from falling from a high jump during a competition, I visited a Sports Therapist to help reduce my recovery period to dance in time at my nationals. After witnessing the benefits of soft tissue therapy and rehabilitation, it became part of my routine while performing at a high level as an athlete and the reason I choose to pursue a career in Sports Therapy.

I graduated from University College Birmingham. During my time there and since then I have had the pleasure of working at a variety of sporting events such as the London Marathon, Ride Across Britain, the Great Birmingham Run and London Revolution. This allowed me to learn as a therapist outside of Irish Dancing how athletes from different sports, from all around the country, respond to treatment. Outside of work I focus on my fitness and enjoy keeping in touch with my Irish roots by dancing and playing Irish traditional music at events with my friends.

These are few of the things that I love to do, and part of my role as a Sports Therapist is to have patients back to enjoying things in their life where they get to express themselves too. As part of a satisfactory treatment this also comes with educating clients on how their situation began and what they can do outside of our clinic to prevent this from happening again in the future.