The Sacro-Iliac Joint

March 2, 2017

The joint you’ve probably never heard of! This joint can be located either side of your low back, if you feel your low back now and look for two knobbly bits, that’s the top of your SI joint. This joint constitutes your sacrum and pelvis and it is the primary weight bearing joint in your lower back. This joint is supported by extremely strong ligaments and muscles which keep movement through the joint to a minimum. When there is an injury to the ligaments or imbalance in the muscles that is when people are likely to experience discomfort. This will almost always be one sided and can vary from a mild ache/tension to incredibly excruciating whereby the patient will not be able to walk.

Unfortunately issues in this area are often commonly misdiagnosed so can be poorly managed which results in ongoing pain and dysfunction. The reason being many “experts” still believe the SI joint can’t move/be moved so it can’t be the cause of someone’s pain. Fortunately, once it is identified it’s the kind of problem I love because it can respond very quickly to treatment in all but the most extreme cases which can require more patience and perseverance.

A big part of resolving issues with the SI joint involves rehabilitation for the core and hip musculature to help stabilise the pelvis as well as re-educating the patient on how to move to minimise the chance of re-injury.

If you have or know anyone who sounds like they have this issue then give us a call.

Guy Falco
DC Mchiro

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